Jose Gavilaīs CitroŽn CX Pages - My 88' CX 22 TRS

Here you have some pictures of the car, as I got it. As you can see, it is in very good shape!. It also runs nicely :-)

External pictures

1988 CX 22 TRS 1988 CX 22 TRS

Detailed pictures

CX 22 TRS front door Front door

CX 22 TRS rear badge Rear badge

CX 22 TRS rear light cluster CX 22 TRS rear light cluster Rear light clusters

CX 22 TRS alloys Alloys

CX 22 TRS air scope Air scope

Interior pictures

(Color is grey but lighting shows it in some pictures as blue)

CX 22 TRS cockpit Cockpit

CX 22 TRS cockpit detail CX 22 TRS cockpit detail Cockpit detail

CX 22 TRS mileage Mileage (in km)

CX 22 TRS radio Curious Philips radio unit

CX 22 TRS radio Philips radio location

CX 22 TRS temp gauge Non-standard temp gauge

CX 22 TRS central air vents Central air vents

CX 22 TRS height selector Height selector

CX 22 TRS upholstery Upholstery

And this is all for now!. Keep coming back as I plan to update this page frequently, as work progresses.

Thanks for your visit!

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