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My 1985 CX 25 D Familiale

Here you have some pictures of the car, first as it was found and then later pictures. I have just cleaned the outside of it (just a first cleaning to be able to get it home without problems with the authorities!)

CX as I found it

Observe the dust layer on it... one and a half years stopped!

CX after a preliminary wash and already at its new home!

Now it was better looking :-)!

Cockpit as I got it

I have to do some serious cleaning work here!

Observe mileage...

Q:Perhaps a non-standard instrument?

A:No, it is standard as several people has let me know. Thanks to all of you!

Center console as I got it

Needs also some careful cleaning!

Second and third rows

It seems roomy enough!

Engine bay

Engine runs smoothly and seems to have lots of life left on it!

But it is also dirty... some work should restore it to a better looking and working condition

11/03/2005 - After some interior cleaning

Car begins to look respectable internally :-)

Some BEFORE and AFTER pictures to compare!

20/03/2005 - After some preliminary engine cleaning

BEFORE and AFTER pictures:

And this is all for now!. Keep coming back as I plan to update this page frequently, as work progresses.

Thanks for your visit!

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