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My 1985 CX 25 D Familiale

Repair Diary

In this section I will deal with the history and repairs my car has needed over the time, and specially on the repairs done by myself. I will put DATE and MILEAGE (well, km) on each entry.

6-March-2005 (115.255km)

I got the car with just 115.255km on it!. Being a 25 D (i.e. non-turbo) I think there are still lots of km left in the engine. Car had been sitting unused for about one and a half years. But battery had been kept charged and engine started regularly. So when I went to pick it up, along my good friend Martin (a former CX user and now an XM V6 24V driver), it started first time. But then it refused to rise. I had some LHM but not enough to make any difference. So we went to a petrol station for more LHM and, after paying a princely sum, we got six 500ml bottles. Two of them were enough to reach a good LHM level so something else was not right, as car still refused to rise. But DIRAVI started to work and, once we got the wheels fully straight, car went up. Hooray!

We checked also coolant level and it was just missing :-(!. After about 5 liters (!), with engine running, coolant reached its operating level. Cooling system will be in a next step completely flushed and checked but, for now, it worked fine enough to drive the car about 10 km to my home.

Once the car was out of its parking place, we cleaned it externally, as there was lots of dirt on it.


Sadly, car is given away :-(

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