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Yaesu FT-102 Yaesu FT-102

This page is devoted to the Yaesu FT-102 HF amateur bands dual conversion transceiver.

It is an hybrid transceiver, as it uses solid state circuitry at all stages except for the final power amplifier (3 x 6146B) and driver (12BY7A). Conservatively rated at 100W, it is able to put more than 200W if tuned for maximum output (or smoke ;-)!). At 100W you can expect a really long life for its power tubes (as a sample, my unit still has the original PA tubes!)
This transceiver was top of the line for Yaesu at the beginning of the eighties and has a reputation of being a solid performer. It can take some optional filters for SSB and CW which along its IF SHIFT/WIDTH control and APF (Audio Pass-band Filter) make it a highly selective and sensitive rig (see table in the Technical Characteristics page). It has plenty of controls, digital frequency display, two panel meters (one is pictured below). Basically, almost everything you could ask for a rig except for computer control, memories and those digital age advantages. Personally, I can live without all of those :-)

FT-102 TX multi-function indicator TX multi-function indicator

My unit, bought locally in November 1997, was an european marketed Yaesu, so it is labelled as Sommerkamp, but it is exactly the same except for the name plate. Serial number is 2K060837. I got my unit with all the optional filters and AM/FM module on it. It has the XF-8.2HC and XF-455C filters for CW, the XF-8.2HSN for narrow SSB and the XF-8.2GA for AM. I should say that this transceiver is one of my favourites.

Over the years, I have added an speaker (SP-102), an external VFO (FV-102DM) a tuner (FC-102) and a desk microphone (YM-38), as you can see in this picture:

FT-102 line FT-102 line

I hope you enjoy these pages as I do operating with the FT-102 line :-)!


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