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Yaesu FT-102 Yaesu FT-102

Technical Characteristics
Frequency coverageAll amateur bands from 160 to 10 meters, WARC included
Operating modesLSB,USB,CW,AM,FM (AM TX and FM TX/RX with optional module)
Power requirementsReceive: 95 VA (73 VA with heaters off)
Transmit: 440 VA (for 100W output)
Dimensions368 x 129 x 309 (mm)
Weight15 kg
Carrier suppressionBetter than -40dB at 14MHz
Sideband suppressionBetter than -60dB (14MHz, 1 kHz tone)
Spurious radiationBetter than -40dB
Third order IMDBetter than -40dB (14MHz, 100W PEP)
Negative feedback levelApprox. -6dB at 14MHz
Frequency stabilityLess than 300Hz drift during first 30 minutes after 10 minutes warm-up.
Less than 100Hz every 30 minutes thereafter
Microphone input impedanceLow, 200 to 600 Ohm
IF frequencies8.2MHz and 455kHz
Image rejectionBetter than 70dB from 1.8 to 21.5MHz
Better than 50dB from 24.5 to 29.9MHz
IF rejectionBetter than 70dB
AF output1.5W minimum (8 Ohm, 10% THD)
AF output impedance4 to 16 Ohm
Selectivity (-6dB/-60dB)SSB, CW, AM: 2.7/4.8kHz
Width adjust continuously from 2.7kHz to 500Hz
*Options SSB nar, CW wide: 1.8/3.1 kHz (XF-8.2HSN filter)
CW nar: 600/1300 Hz (XF-8.2HC filter)
CW nar: 300/800 Hz (XF-8.2HCN filter)
CW nar: 500/1000 Hz (XF-455C filter)
CW nar: 270/600 Hz (XF-455CN filter)
AM: 6/12.4 kHz (XF-8.2GA filter)
IF notch depthBetter than 40dB
Sensitivity (worst case in uV for 10dB (S+N)/N, except FM) SSB (no optional filters) RF AMP ON: 0.25, RF AMP OFF: 1.0
CW (no optional filters) RF AMP ON: 0.18, RF AMP OFF: 0.7
AM (no optional filters) RF AMP ON: 1.0 , RF AMP OFF: 4.0
FM (for 20dB quieting) RF AMP ON: 0.4 , RF AMP OFF: 3.0
CW (with APF ON) RF AMP ON: 0.05, RF AMP OFF: 0.2
SSB (with XF-8.2HSN) RF AMP ON: 0.2 , RF AMP OFF: 0.8
CW (with XF-8.2HSN) RF AMP ON: 0.12, RF AMP OFF: 0.5
Dynamic range (with IF WIDTH control at maximum) With no optional filters RF AMP ON: 90dB, RF AMP OFF: 95dB
With XF-8.2HC filter RF AMP ON: 95dB, RF AMP OFF: 100dB
With XF-8.2HCN filter RF AMP ON: 97dB, RF AMP OFF: 102dB

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