EB5AGV's Hewlett Packard HP-5345A Project Page

This page will describe the restoration / repair of an unworking HP5345A 500MHz counter. I hope it will someday say 'it works!' but to reach that point a lot of work should be done... time will tell!

Arrival: A long trip!

I bought this unit in August 2004. It was shipped on 26th August 2004 from USA... and, incredibly, it arrived La Canyada (Valencia, Spain) on 12th January 2005!. Four and a half months!. I have received some hundred packages from USA and this is the first one which has taken so much time.

As a consequence of such a long trip and the compromise in packaging due to size restrictions, there has been some damage to the unit. It can be seen in following pictures:

Unopened package Unopened package

Handle damage Handle damage

Support / chassis damage Support / chassis damage

Front panel damage Front panel damage

Chassis damage Chassis damage

Edge connector damage Edge connector damage

Front panel Front panel

Knob damage Knob damage

Front panel damage Front panel damage (observe upper left corner crack)

Chassis puzzle! Chassis puzzle! (this should be just a piece!)

Cracked support Cracked support

Restoration: Parts I need

In order to fix the unit mechanically I need the following parts:

I have started to fix the counter. First, I have glued the front panel corner:

Front panel repair Front panel repair

Please, let me know if you can help me. Thanks!

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