EB5AGV's HRO-500 'as received'

These pictures were taken just after receiving the HRO-500.

HRO-500 Front panel
This is a general view of the unit, as I got it (except for the PW dial, which I had previously cleaned, as it arrived with an ugly greenish looking). When I first saw my HRO-500, I found it to be in poor shape...

Knob detail
In the general picture it is not too evident, but the knob metal inlays were darkened (dark gray rusty looking), the dial scutcheon was also in bad shape, some knobs (bandwidth) just didn't work or did with difficulty (band)... The cabinet was also rusty in some parts, as it had some scratches. And when I opened the lid...

Top view
All was rusty!. Chassis, transformers, covers, ... Everything!. And no less than 10 transistors were not the original type.

Power transformer
This is a sample of rust, the power transformer looked this bad. You can see also the chassis looking.

Synthesizer cover
And another sample... The covers were all this way.

Some coils

More coils

Want more?. Here you have...

The S-meter face presented this ugly face... I wonder what kind of mess had reached it!

Do you want to look to the cleaned HRO-500?. Just follow this link.

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