EB5AGV's HRO-500 after cosmetic work

But I didn't give up easily!. As I had already got some success with the PW dial, I gave the rest a try. In previous restoration works, I found a product which do real miracles with poor looking metal: 'Tarni Shield', manufactured by 3M. Carefully, I started to clean each metal can, transformer, cover... Of course, you can't get out all the rust spots, but the results were good, as you can see in the pictures below.

Power transformer, after cleaning
This is the 'refurbished' power transformer. Rust spots are now faded.

Transformer, after cleaning
Another transformer which got a cleaning, as the surrounding elements.

Some coils, after cleaning
A couple of coils, once cleaned. Aluminum is always the best looking metal!

PW dial (close view), after cleaning
This is a close view of the PW dial (knob removed). It is now looking fine, except for the dial numbers, which need cleaning (I need to dismount the whole dial assembly to get them cleaned). Hints welcomed!

S-meter, after cleaning
With the S-meter I could not get a nice unit just cleaning. I need to find a replacement cover, as something really weird (acid?) reached its face in the past, as now it has cracks and permanent plastic damage. Is there any unit available?

General view, after cleaning
And this is a general view, after cleaning. Now I can look at it without getting sad ;-)

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