EB5AGV's KWM-2A pictures (I)

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These are pictures of my KWM-2A, along with some comments and hints about them. Please, allow some time to load, as there are lots of pictures. I have divided them in two pages. Hope you enjoy them!.

Collins KWM-2A

Collins KWM-2A

This is the tag printed in the chassis. You can see the serial number of the unit.

HINT: To get an accurate idea of a KWM-2(A) vintage, look at the IF cans and some other fixed components for manufacturing dates (usually YY MM). My unit's vintage is about the end of 1974

Serial number tag Serial number tag

Collins emblem (also called 'Meatball', 'Round Emblem', or 'RE' for short)

Collins Round Emblem Collins Round Emblem

Here you have some general views of the unit. It is pretty, isn't it :-)?

Upper view Upper view

Close view Close view

Rear perspective Rear perspective

Back panel Back panel

Here you have the S-meter before and after restoration

S-meter (as received) S-meter (as received)

S-meter (restored) S-meter (restored)

These are some close views of the front panel controls.

HINT: a 'continuous' thick line (as shown) in the EXCITER TUNING and PA TUNING indicates a factory built KWM-2A (i.e. not just an upgraded KWM-2).

Exciter tuning Exciter tuning

PA tuning PA tuning

Dial Dial

HINT: The presence of the 'BRAKE' dial control indicates a late unit

Brake Brake

Where are those 100+ Watts coming from?. Here you have the answer!. This is the Power Amplifier (PA) cage. The bigger tubes are 6146B power tubes and the other one, shielded (at the upper right part), is a 6CL6 driver

Power amplifier Power amplifier

WARNING!: Inside the PA cage you can have 800 Volts!. Turn off the unit AND disconnect the power supply prior to open the lid. In case there is any remaining high voltage, this dispositive discharges it to ground

PA discharger PA discharger

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