EB5AGV's KWM-2A pictures (II)

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These are pictures of my KWM-2A, along with some comments and hints about them. Please, allow some time to load, as there are lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy them!.

Collins KWM-2A

Collins KWM-2A

Here you can see the 100 kc crystal, its associated trimmer adjustment and some close components.

HINT: Do you like the shining look of the crystals just at the right?. Use a good metal cleaner to get them shine like new!

Crystal calibrator Crystal calibrator

These are some of the slugs which tune the different stages to the selected frequency, by means of the EXCITER TUNING control.

HINT: A bad aligned slug will cause decreased (if any!) performance in all bands, so don't touch them if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Adjustable slugs Adjustable slugs

The KWM-2A offers 14 additional positions to add extra 200 kc bands. The 'standard' bank is located under the chassis, and the extra bank is accessible from the upper side, just opening the upper cover.

HINT: If you want to have full HF coverage, you will need to get a CP-1 crystal pack

Band switch Band switch

Upper crystal bank Upper crystal bank

HINT: Where should I put my additional band crystal?. It is easy!. Just take a look to the tables in the EXCITER TUNING slugs assembly, opening the transceiver's upper cover

Band/frequency correlation Band/frequency correlation

Crystal location Crystal location

This is one of the 'classic' KWM-2(A) companions, the heavy MM-1 microphone. It has a very good audio response

MM-1 hand held mic MM-1 hand-held mic

Of course, the 516F-2 power supply is also a good KWM-2(A) partner. Notice the labels attached at the left side of the power supply. These are no less than original Quality Control and Warranty Collins cards!

516F-2 back panel 516F-2 back panel

And a 312B-4 station console is not a bad addition to the set (these pictures were taken before restoring the unit). This unit comprises a very good speaker, a phone patch and a directional wattmeter (with 200 and 2000 W scales)

312B-4 front panel 312B-4 front panel

312B-4 rear panel 312B-4 rear panel

Well, that's all for now!. Keep tuned for more info and new pictures!.

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