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Reception Set R-107 R-107

R-107 in the REME Museum R-107 in the REME Museum

The Reception Set R-107 is a British WW-II receiver, covering the HF spectrum from 1.2 to 17.5 MHz in three frequency ranges:

Range 1. 17.5 - 7.0 MHz
Range 2. 7.25 - 2.9 MHz
Range 3. 3.0 - 1.2 MHz

Sensitivity is 1 uV in CW and 2 to 6 uV in AM (30% mod at 400 Hz) at S/N ratio of 20 dB.

IF selectivity: 'Narrow': 3 KHz at -6dB, slope of 15dB/kHz
'Wide' : 7.5 KHz at -6dB, slope of 12dB/kHz

IF frequency: 465 kHz

Audio filter: passband 300 Hz wide at center frequency of ~900 Hz.

The receiver can be operated with AC, 100 to 250 VAC (power consumption is 31 W) or from a 12 VDC battery (built-in vibrator supply) at 3 A. AC/DC switching is in the power supply section inside the receiver, as well as multiple AC voltage taps.

R-107 Tube Complement
V1ARF AmplifierA.R.P.34 (EF39)
V1BMixerA.R.P.34 (EF39)
V1C1st IF AmplifierA.R.P.34 (EF39)
V1D2nd IF AmplifierA.R.P.34 (EF39)
V2AVFOA.R.21 (EBC33)
V2A'BFOA.R.21 (EBC33)
V2B1st AF AmplifierA.R.21 (EBC33)
V2B'2nd AF AmplifierA.R.21 (EBC33)

In these pages, I will show the restoration process of my R-107 receiver. This is a 'live page', as I am going to update it regularly as I progress with the restoration. I would like to hear from anybody who has a similar set, as the one I have is needing lots of work. Thanks!.

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