EB5AGV's R-107 'as received'

These pictures were taken next day after receiving the R-107.

R-107 front panel
This is a general view of the unit, as I got it. You can see the ugly-looking front panel, repainted in blue, without any letter. Knobs are mostly non-original as is the S-meter and the speaker.

Here you have a close view of the dial, from the front panel. This part seems to be mostly original.

Dial assembly
And this is the dial assembly, as seen from the back of the front panel. There are two lamps to light the dial.

Antenna binding posts
These are the antenna connection binding posts. These seem to be also original. From left to right, the first black binding post is for an 'open aerial', the other two are for a 'dipole feeder' and the red one is for 'earth' connection.

SSB detector mod (knob)
This is one of the modifications this receiver has. Seen from the front panel, there is an extra knob. It seems a product detector mod.

SSB detector mod (circuit)
And this is the added circuit at the other side of the front panel. The tube is an ECC81 double triode.

Front panel detail
These are some of the receiver controls. The one at the top left is another mod.

And another mod!. This is the attached 'S-meter'.

Rear view
In this rear view you can see the non original speaker and added potentiometer. The construction of this set is really strong and is divided in shielded blocks. The tube 'hanging' at the upper left side of the picture is an spare (this has the plate cap missing). There are a total of three sockets for spares.

Rear view
Another rear view. The highlighted part is the voltage selector assembly with the cover removed.

Botton view
This is a bottom view of the receiver. Look at the heavy chassis construction!.

Here you have the vibrator unit, to power this set with DC voltage. I have not checked it.

6X5 rectifier
6X5 rectifier close view.

Antenna tuning
This is the antenna tuning capacitor.

Some of the tubes inside the R-107.

Tube plate cap
Curious plate cap found in V2A.

Top view
This is another top view. You can see (with a bit of imagination :-) ) the big ganged variable capacitor, the dial assembly, the spare tube sockets, ...

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