EB5AGV's R-390A Tube Complement

Keep them glowing!

This is the R-390A tube complement. Get an stock of these tubes if you want to keep your unit working for long time. The most difficult to find are the 3TF7 ballast and the 26Z5W rectifiers, so look for them at hamfests!

R-390A Tube Complement

V2016DC6RF amplifier
V2055814ACalibrator oscillator, 100 KHz cathode follower
V2065814A100KHz multivibrator
V2026C4First mixer
V2076AK5WFirst crystal oscillator
V2036C4Second mixer
V4016AK5WSecond crystal oscillator
V2046C4Third mixer
V5016BA6WFirst IF amplifier
V5026BA6WSecond IF amplifier
V5036BA6WThird IF amplifier
V5046AK6Fourth IF amplifier
V5065814ADetector, AGC time
V5095814AIF cathode follower, AGC rectifier
V5086BA6WAGC amplifier
V6015814AFirst AF amplifier, cathode follower
V6025814ASecond AF amplifier (line and local)
V6036AK6AF out local
V6046AK6AF out line
V6050A2Voltage regulator
RT5103TF7Current regulator

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