JOSE GAVILA's '86 BMW R65 Pages - WORK DAY 1

Today I have sorted out the 'kit' ;-) and also have done some cleaning to the bike. I was eager to see how nice could it look with some cosmetic work!

28-October-2006 (1)

Here you have the pictures of the sorted parts. And I think I have found the cause of the initial problem (which was 'low compression in one cylinder' according to previous owner): exhaust valve leaks!. More on this later...

After some preliminary cleaning, head and piston look better:

28-October-2006 (2)

I have done some cleaning work today. As panniers mounts were badly damaged and corroded, I have removed them. I have also removed windshield mounts as I plan to restore them (I have also the windshield)

Yes, I am the one in the mirror ;-) !

Compare this with previous picture. Handlebar now shines!

I have removed the rear side to clean the sub-chassis



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