JOSE GAVILA's '86 BMW R65 Pages - WORK DAY 2

Today I have continued with the cleaning and assembling of the bike and have also installed front brake caliper, which was in the 'parts box'.


I have reassembled contact key and now 'cockpit' is finished. It seems to me as a bit high, probably due to the previous installation of a windshield... am I right?

Right hand switches assembly seems lots newer than the rest of the controls so I guess they were replaced recently.

Would RPM indicator ever come back to life?

It seems speedo was dead for some time before I got the bike, so real mileage is for sure higher. This would explain the valve problem bike has, as it seems it has never been repaired before.

Bike is starting to look really fine... I have also put the battery covers, which are in very good shape, without any cracking on them.

BMW emblem is yellowed. But it gives a vintage feeling to the R65 :-)

I have put back on its place the front brake caliper, which was in the parts box. There was also a new pad set so I have put them. Why it was removed is still a mistery!
I have needed tons of brake lever pressings to get the brake fluid out from the bleeding nipples. I think brake was refurbished some months ago so it should be still OK. I can't try it by now with the bike as is (front tire is flat), but rotating wheel by hand I get a sharp braking.

I need to straighten that right turn indicator...


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