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SCHEDA (SCHEDule Analyzer)

This program (now in v0.99 beta version) is a WiSP (Windows satellite suit of programs, developed by Chris, G7UPN) partner and is used to analize the schedule of passes and delete any overlapped part of the pass, depending on priorities, and adding a 'between passes' time (selected by user). This is useful for adding automation to satellite work, so you can put housekeeping proccesses between satellite passes. Please, if you need more information or want the program (about 20K ZIP compressed), e-mail me.


This program with its companion hardware (see Oscar News June 1995 or e-mail me) is used to manage the power supply and switchings of the different elements which have the satellite station. I use it to control the power of the FT-736, DSP-93, TNC-2, and rotor controllers. It also switches different modes in the TNC and transceiver (in order to use both 1200 baud and 9600 baud satellites). Basically, the PW_LPT hardware is a bank of 8 switchers, one of them hardware-timed (from seconds to days!). I have programmed it to last about 30 minutes so I can be sure that systems go to power-down state when a satellite pass ends. This is also a short program (about 10K ZIP compressed). Please, e-mail me if you want more information or the program itself.

WinCAT (Windows CAT)

This will be a CAT program for the YAESU FT-840, FT-890, FT-900 and (hope!) FT-1000MP transceivers. It is under development so, anything you would like to have a CAT program included, PLEASE, TELL ME!

*** LATEST NEWS about WinCAT - 23 February 2000***

WinCAT 2000 is finally being developed!. Read below my message sent to the Yaesu list (QTH.NET):


Well, first than anything else, thanks for your positive response to my FT-840 repair message. I am glad you (or at least, some of you ;-) ) liked it. I think the best way to learn is by doing things by yourself, but nobody has all the rigs (nor the time) one would like to have. I would be glad to hear from other people who has also done repairs... any taker?

On the other hand, another topic which seems interesting is the 'Multi-CAT' interface. As I told you, it lets to manage up to FOUR rigs with only one serial port. There is a trick, though. It will work with any other CAT software but as a 'one rig only' interface. This is because it uses two lines from the serial port to select which rig is used. As this is really an easy thing to do, perhaps other programmers could also add to their software the 'rig selection' option...

Yesterday, I connected my FT-890 and FT-840 to the Multi-CAT and it performed fine with my old (1994!) WinCAT software. I have just started a new program, which will be called... you guessed it, WinCAT 2000!. I have lots of nice ideas for it. As now I only have an FT-840 and an FT-890 to work with, the program will run only 100% with these rigs. I know (as I started some years ago a program for it) that the FT-900 is very similar to the FT-890, CAT wise. So, if I get a copy of the CAT part of the FT-900 manual, I could adapt it easily. Other rigs, as the FT-747 or FT-757 could be added later if there is interest and if I get the info on them.

I plan to develop WinCAT 2000 as a FREEWARE software. Of course, any donation to help in the further development would be gratefully accepted.

I am also opened to ideas to implement in the software. As soon as I have a beta version available (it will also work with an standard IF-232 or compatible interface so everybody could run it), I will write a message to the List. Meanwhile, if anybody wants to check any 'pre-beta' versions (made just for testing some particular thing, as different computers / serial ports), please, send me an e-mail and I will arrange an special 'pre-beta' e-mail list to advise you of the developments.

Well, as in any project of this kind, the success of it depends not only of me, but also of you and your interest and feedback. So, please, let me know your opinion / ideas about it.

Thanks and best regards,


So, please, let me know what do you think about this project. Here you have a sample of how the old version (WinCAT 94) looked. Please, note that this program was written back in 1994. I think it was the first one to use the 'real front panel' approach to the CAT software:

WinCAT 94 (FT-840 version)

I plan to add lots of features to that basic WinCAT. Stay tuned for updates on this pages!

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