EB5AGV's HC-10 and SPC-10 Known Units Information

Keep them glowing!

Here you have some information about different units of the HC-10 and SPC-10 SSB converters. Please, e-mail any corrections or information about new units to add to the list. Thanks!.

Model: HC-10
S/N: 1000

This one is my unit. More information at EB5AGV's SP-600 Boatanchors list articles

Model: SPC-10
S/N: 199

This unit arrived in good condition except for the front panel finishing: it was darkened and had a non-homegeneus colour. After some 'Titanlux' polish paste applications, I got a much better looking face. It is complete, with most of the tubes original (and still in good condition), but has some trouble with LSB, which I'm trying to solve. As a curiosity, I found two cold solder joints (more than 30 years old!), which produced intermitent failures. One thing it is missing is the matching power connector (any spare around?).

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