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Welcome to my Radio Station page. Here you can see my station as it evolves over time. Please, browse forward to see it evolving...

Old Radio Station


This was the old shack (and my first one!) I had until June 2000 in Benetusser (Valencia). Now it is history...

Main operating position, 12/96Dec.1996

Main operating position, 10/97Oct.1997

Main operating position, 12/97Dec.1997

Current Radio Station


This is my new shack at current QTH in La Canyada (Paterna - Valencia)

shack project, 10/1999Oct.1999

The little girl is my youngest daughter, Sara, who was 2 years old when the picture was taken. As you can see, she likes playing with my radios...
And the 'small' tower cointains most of my 'heavy metal' receivers... From down to up there is a Lorenz 6P203 german receiver, a Racal RA-117, an EAC R-390A, a Collins R-388, a Hammarlund SP-600JX and, temporarily, a Eddystone 1004. Missing 'big boys' are the RCA AR-88D, a Racal RA-17 and a R-107.

This is a another partial view of my new shack. Here I had sorted the rigs and were in a more logical order.

shack project, 1/2000Jan.2000

Another view, with more additions (Drake TR-7 line among others).

shack project, 1/2000Sep.2000


Here you can see the (growing) test equipment section. On this workbench I work on rigs. Test equipment includes several oscilloscopes (why do I need so many ;-) ?), spectrum analyzers, RF generators, VTVMs and so on.

test equipment 12/2001Dec.2001


This is the shack in August 2005. First view is the Main wall section

Main wall in 8/2005Aug.2005

Here you have a detail on the Classic Station, composed of Collins S-line, Drake B-line and Drake TR-4Cw/RIT. On top there is also a Yaesu FT-102, a great classic also. And just to the right of this picture, there are some more classics: Collins KWM-2A and Drake C-line

Classic Station 8/2005

These are the main VHF/UHF Zone. On upper shelf there is a Yaesu FT-225RD (2m allmode) and an FDK Multi 2700 (2m allmode). And on lower shelf you have a Yaesu FT-736R (50, 144, 430 and 1200MHz allmode), an Icom IC-211 (2m allmode)

VHF/UHF Zone 8/2005

Former Classic Receiver Tower has evolved to Classic Twin Towers, as you can see. Left to right and top to bottom you will find a National NC-183D, Eddystone 830, RCA AR-88D, Collins 51J-3, Racal RA-117, Hammarlund SP-600, Racal MA-79, EAC R-390A and Lorenz 6P203. Heavy metal!

Classic Twin Towers 8/2005

This is the Auxiliary station, which is close to the computer so I can enjoy also radio while working on PC. It is composed of Yaesu FT-901DM, Yaesu FT-102, Sommerkamp FT-277ZD (an European Yaesu FT-101ZD) with FC-901 and SP-901P, a Kenwood TS-940SAT, a Kenwood TS-930SAT, a Philips FM-1000 (converted to 2m) and a Hammarlund HRO-5.

Auxiliary Station 8/2005

And this other is the Repair Station, where I repair gear. In order to keep in touch with the World, I have installed some equipment: Yaesu FT-890AT, SP-6 speaker with Timewave DSP-59Y, AEA DSP-232, Yaesu FT-212RH, Yaesu FT-712RH, Alinco DR-570E. In the picture I was working on my Neuwirth HMT SiO (a large unit!)

Repair Station 8/2005

After some test equipment additions, this is the last version of the RF LAB in December 2005.

RF LAB in 12/2005Dec.2005

RF LAB in 12/2005Dec.2005


There has been plenty of activity on last couple years. I added a new shack section and lots of new toys :-)

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Radio and Test Equipment

Modems and TNCs

Antenna Tower


This is the old antenna tower

EB5AGV old antenna system


New Antenna Tower is still being setting up. Here you have a picture:

EB5AGV 2005 antennas


Several new antennas added. Now I can work SATs again!

EB5AGV 2011 antennas

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